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Out of many kinds of social media platforms, why do we choose We Chat over other social media platforms, such as Facebook, LINE or Whats App?There is an obvious advantage on using We Chat when comparing with other social media."They have done that in China and they are expanding into other parts of Asia.They are the biggest competitors." Competition in payments will mainly occur in the area of online purchases of goods and services, said Mr Gupta, who is using digital technology to expand DBS's banking business in India and Indonesia.Undoubtedly, the cost efficient of traditional advertising media is much lesser compare to few years before.On the contrary, the development on online advertisement keep enhancing with a high speed.DBS acquires about half of its new credit-card accounts and 60 per cent of its new small and medium enterprise clients through digital banking, Gupta said.More than 90 percent of the bank's overseas remittances are transacted digitally, DBS said in July.

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in 2014 to harness cloud technology for data analysis to improve customer service.

Ant Financial, formally known as Zhejiang Ant Small & Micro Financial Services Group, has unveiled an investment in Thailand's Ascend Money.

Meanwhile, Tencent backs Garena, a Singapore-based online gaming portal and e-commerce provider that was valued earlier this year at US.75 billion and may seek a US initial public offering within three years.

For branding in Hong Kong bank industry, most of banks focus on highlight professional, reliability and history as brand positioning, for example a) Standard Chartered, mentioned it has operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s most dynamic markets and expressed heritage and values in brand promise, “Here for good”; b) HSBC, focus on mention their comprehensive range of financial services through customer groups and global business, in order to show their professional and reliability.

Most of the brands in this industry mainly focus on traditional advertising channel such as TVC, print ad and large offline campaign, but invest relativity less in online advertising, especially in social media.

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