Single parent meet dating advice

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Of course, although you may be excited for the happy ending, it stands a better chance of coming true if you remember not to rush things.

As Dr Leah says, ''healthy relationships need time and space to grow.'' If a relationship is right, it enables you to relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Again, this important because children really do need stability.

Dr Leah says ''your children are not appropriate sounding boards on how your relationship is progressing - or not.'' While you could - and should!

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With that in mind, Elite Singles talked to Relationship Coach Sam Owen to discover the top three tips you need to succeed at single parent dating.What's more, you can take the opportunity to be refreshingly frank about your single parent lifestyle, your wishes for the future and your priorities - meaning you can find the perfect partner without spending energy on people without long-term potential.Furthermore, with dating sites like Elite Singles, you can find the ideal mix of support and independence.After all, your next great love might be just around the corner.Irish family stereotypes normally revolve around the idea of the bigger the better but, in fact, many Irish households don't live up to this model.

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