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Iglesias, at least at first, seemed oblivious to the controversy, posting a video of the show on his Instagram account.The tragic death of beautiful and talented 16-year-old Grade-10 student Venusha Imanda Bandara who hanged herself with a sari at her home in Kurunegala raises many issues related to Facebook (FB).A former member of the French Foreign Legion, Mercante, had been living together with Claire in Tenerife, Spain, since 2005.But problems developed in their relationship and she left him to return to England after a visit from her mother.Bristol saw pictures of her with new love Besim Haxhia on FB.

When Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and their colleagues founded the FB in February 2004 in California, they perhaps never thought that in 10 years there would be 1.23 billion FB users in the world and that FB would have such a tremendous impact on lives of people.

After the gruesome killing he drove 30 miles to a multi-storey car park in Manchester.

Then he cut his wrist and left the message “F*** U Claire” in blood on the wall and jumped from the eighth floor to his death!

20 concert in the commercial capital, Colombo, according to wire service reports and BBC.

"I don't advocate that these uncivilized women who removed their brassieres should be beaten with poisonous stingray tails, but those who organized such an event should be."Whipping with the tails of stingrays was said to have been used on criminals in medieval Sri Lanka, and has become an expression for severe punishment, according to reports. 1 Run of ' Bailando' The president suggested that the government would be stricter about allowing pop stars who stir up female fans to perform in his country in the future.

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