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“It’s definitely more of a turn on, including the perceived horniness of doing something you shouldn’t,” says Jay, 28 from Manchester.“But it also scares me and reminds me of the risks – sometimes with associated guilt and worry that enjoying this type of porn may mean I could be more prone to putting myself at risk.” Despite Jay’s concerns, 78% of those surveyed say that watching bareback porn hasn’t led to them personally having unprotected sex.“I think that in certain situations it makes it ‘sexier’ but also adds a sense of intimacy.” “It is mainly the mixture of forbidden fruit,” agrees Liam, 33 from London, “along with the desire to have the perceived intimacy of bareback sex, but I’ve only started watching bareback porn as it has increased and become more popular.” Is bareback porn becoming more popular?Liam Cole produces bareback porn in Europe for Treasure Island Media (TIM), the US-based gay porn studio that specialises in bareback films.“Bareback has become the norm once more, with many previously staunch anti-bareback studios becoming avid supporters of it,” he says.“Advances in medication and knowledge of HIV here helped this become less of a stigma for performers of bareback porn, which in turn makes it a bit easier for the studios.” Although the main Eurocreme brand and its sibling studios Dream Boy, Dads Fucking Lads, Bulldog and Alphamales focus on condom-style porn, they’ve also started to make bareback porn.“I particularly enjoy bareback anonymous sex scenes. This is probably because I would never do it in real life.

“I wish I could have every guy I sleep with cum in me,” admits Daz, 32 from London, “but because it is risky I fantasise about it in porn.” However some of the men we surveyed admit they worry that watching bareback porn may lead to them having more risky sex.

“It gives me the thrill without having to partake in bareback sex,” says Jack, 29 from Dublin.

“It allows me to see skin on skin sex, which I don’t actually do for safety reasons,” says Gavin, 48 from Brighton.

Of the men we spoke to: If our school system provided just 2% of FS readers with rudimentary information about gay sex and relationships, what about the other 98%?

Of the men we surveyed, 41% said they learned about anal sex, and 34% said they learned about oral sex, from watching porn.

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