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If you "leave" the room, it means you are no longer a member, and won't be able to get back in without reapplying.

(If you have followed all the instructions and still can't get in the room, let us know in the Skype area of the forum, and we will try to sort out any problems.) The Meet up 4 ESL room is available 24/7, but we are not.

The plugin will try to download as much history from the room that it can, but not all rooms have history stored on the server unfortunately.

If you can get a debug log from pidgin as you connect to the room, we can try and work out whether it's possible to get the messages out of the server or not You can download a new windows version from just re-read your messages now and it's talking about P2P chats, which unfortunately don't work with the new plugin.

We can't promise we will always be there on the same day or at the same time, but we do try. If we are not there at a time to suit you try one that is. All times are *CET = Central European Time (Berlin).

You can click here to calculate the time in your city/country, - choose the city of Berlin for the time to convert from.

You can try it out though to see if you have any luck.

Otherwise, you'll need to recreate it as a new chat room, using the /fork command on the old room in a desktop Skype client 'Room list' and can add to the roster, I can see all participants in these chats, but I don't see any messages from them. So it works partially and I believe it is possible to get it fully working.

Thanks to our lovely sponsors, the Network runs regular Skype sessions for LEN community and LEN forum members.

When you are a member of the Meet Up room, you might not want to be pinged every time someone posts in the group, simply click on the Conversation menu at the top, select Notification Settings and set your preference for notifications.

You should save the room in your conversation list on Skype.

When you enter any session or hangout for the first time make sure your microphone is muted and check what is going on, and then if it's appropriate, type "Hi" in the chat window.

If you want to speak type "mic" in the chat window and if it's appropriate the moderator will call you to take the microphone.

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