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At first, I received only hand-written letters, but these are becoming less common, which is a shame, as you learn so much from a person's writing.

Some have elegant script while others become more frenetic as the fantasies reach a crescendo.

But I do not want you shouting and screaming at me.

I would like you charming, wicked, with a sense of humour and to encourage me and guide me through the session but never hesitating to push me.

There are no stereotypical clients, though most are male.

I see judges, lawyers and politicians wanting to re-enact school beatings but also soldiers, actors, cabbies, doctors, athletes and policeman of every age, ethnicity and religion. Some contain amazing detail, others are a few scribbled lines of abstract thought about power and domination.

They'd clam up when I asked what sort of whip they wanted me to use or what persona I should adopt. These were things they had thought about for years but if they ever raised the issue, it was probably to confusion, horror or derision.

To ease the pressure, I encouraged clients to write a description of their ideal session beforehand.

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While some may appear unsettling to the untrained eye, many are funny or intriguing.I would request a classical Mistress – slave relationship, polite but firm.I would expect you to demand respect, obedience, tough punishment as necessary.I would be interested in a tough and demanding BDSM session.I do have experience but it is not regular as I am in a normal relationship (but I do manage a session once or twice a year and I started at around 22 years old).

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