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Referred to as the 'Russian Riviera', Sochi boasts an inviting subtropical climate, pebbled beaches, lush forests, botanical parks, waterfalls, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, and a world-class skiing resort close by - not your typical Russian city.

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Yulia Ivanova, a Russian-born 31 year-old now living and working in England, tells me Russian girls are very "sex confident". Many many women have lingerie photoshoots for fun, for themselves – to feel confident and celebrate their body.Both of these still attracted some controversy, but do people generally think that because it's for charity, it's more acceptable?Either way, Ivanova adds: "I strongly feel that the Sochi Olympics is a giant feast for the Western media to rip Russia to pieces.And as such, any detail, any mistake, anything negative at all no matter how small will be the centre of attention – and all the positive things will go unnoticed." Elsewhere, Russian-born Vicky Ryzhykh, 30, who also lives in the UK, says other athletes have stripped off for photoshoots in the past. A few years ago a number of international female curlers posed for a naked calendar “Fire on Ice”.If I recall correctly one of the athletes said that if naked photos of her made a few more people watch curling then that was a good thing." She adds: "I think they are doing it for fun, in order to generate interest in the games. "I definitely do not think they are under pressure or because [Vladimir] Putin ordered them," she laughs. It is not specific to female athletes or to Russia." I've been to Moscow several times (my in-laws live there).

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