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We use diverse methods and techniques including cognitive tasks, functional MRI, structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, near-infrared optical imaging and hormonal assays to understand the complex relationship between behavior, brain structure and function.Current projects in the lab focus on elucidating cognitive-perceptual and affective functions in schizophrenia, neurobiological underpinnings of creativity, effects of cannabis on attention and emotion and sex differences.Song displayed her talent in music at the age of three.Her parents learned about her talent through nursery teachers, and led her to experience various genres of music.Can you begin to fathom how ridiculous this all sounds?Fast forward a few years, and I’m now leaps and bound more informed (when it comes to fitness, anyway).I believe that pink dumbbells should be used for rehab purposes only (ladies, I’m looking at you), and that nothing is quite more badass and sexy than a man or woman who can dominate in the weight room. Really, I don’t; I think we’ve both got better things to do with our time, no? And I’m going to tell you one more thing: I’m an intermittent faster (IF). It’s a shared experience; it’s a sweet rush of momentary joy after a long day of frustrations. For years, I’ve spent every minute of my free time absorbing everything I could about fitness.

Noticing her gift, her parents decided to seek professional assistance to further develop her skills and abilities in minyo, and also in Korean traditional musical instruments.

Since then, So-hee received specialist training, in singing minyo and sijochang and in playing samul nori, and gayageum.

She was able to acquire strong foundations in gugak, Korean traditional music, through the help of Ms.

It’s what exists between me and you – this thing called a connection. I get such a high off of nurturing something so intangible and watching as we help each other in some way.

Research programs in Park's lab focus on understanding neurobiological bases of psychoses.

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