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At five foot ten and 165 pounds, Sonsini is fit from morning workouts in his home gym. Sonsini speaks calmly in a confident, voice-of-God baritone that a network news anchor would covet.There is no irony, sarcasm or cynicism evident in him, and he seems guileless in comparison to many East Coast lawyers."Rome wasn't growing," says Sonsini, "and he had an itch." In Los Angeles, Sonsini' s father found work with Hughes Tool Co.and, though he had no college education, climbed through the ranks to the No. "He instilled in me a very strong work ethic," says Sonsini."I wanted to be a professional," he says, "and I wasn't going to be a professional athlete." Upon graduating in 1963, Sonsini entered Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law.During the spring of his first year, in 1964, tear gas periodically wafted over the campus from Sproul Hall, for this was the year of the Free Speech Movement - the opening bell of the 60s.

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Some newspaper readers first learned his name in July, when it appeared in articles about the options-backdating scandal.

At an interview in Sonsini's Palo Alto office in October, his discipline and organization are immediately apparent.

Papers are arranged in neat, evenly spaced stacks across his desk.

The desk is modest in size, with clean, modern lines - no frippery.

He is dressed elegantly in a dark suit and tie, which stand out in Silicon Valley, where business casual was born and still flourishes.

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