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For example, an adult who weighs 70kg and whose height is 1.75m will have a BMI of 22.9.

BMI, the most widely used method for measuring obesity is by no means perfect as it doesn't distinguish between lean muscle mass and fat mass. very muscular athletes might be categorised as overweight).

Women from New Zealand (74 percent) are more overweight than those from South Africa while the proportion of Australian women (67 percent) that is overweight is similar to that of South African women.

British (64 percent), Canadian (60 percent) and German women (57 percent), while overweight, are in better shape than women from South Africa.

The British diaspora tends to be the most liberal group, including on issues pertaining to gender roles.

20th century economic and political developments presented South African women with both new obstacles and new opportunities to wield influence.

This compares with the global average of 51 percent for women and 47 percent for men.Substantial numbers were temporary workers in agriculture; and a growing number of women joined the burgeoning industrial work force, as has been carefully researched in Iris Berger's 'Threads of Solidarity: Women in South African Industry', 1900-1980.Women became the major source of resistance to many race-related restrictions during the apartheid era, especially the pass laws, which required Africans to carry documents permitting them to be in white-occupied areas.Apartheid imposed new restrictions on African women beginning in the 1950s.Many lived in squalor in the former homelands, where malnutrition, illness, and infant mortality were much higher than in urban areas.

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