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The library is still a large part of their lives, and Kenny said he is excited to soon share books with their daughter.On Sunday, clerk Richard Andrews, 50, said finding a “special someone” at the speed dating event would be nice.So she came back to the Midwest to look for love, and her sister eventually persuaded her to give the library’s speed dating a try.Although Trisha was intimidated by the idea, she thought rushing through 30 first dates would let her dip her toe back in the dating pool.But once he came, only one woman really caught his eye, and she wasn’t in his age group.He went on a speed date with her anyway, and left once he accomplished that goal.“I would try it again, if I could lie about my age,” he said with a laugh.Participants sat at long tables based on their age, with women on one side and men on the other.Each “date” lasted three minutes, and participants could expect to finish a few dozen of them before the event was over.

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Andrews said finding a "special someone" would be nice, but he also wants to find friends who share his interests.Kenny was struck by her smile and how much energy she still had at the end of the event.When they were matched later, Kenny sent Trisha the “nicest email” to plan their next date.Kenny, a retirement plan administrator, was the last person Trisha spoke with that night.She remembered him telling her about his family and how some of them lived overseas like her.

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