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With Speed Dating, everyone is there to meet other people - just like you.

You have just enough time with each person to decide whether or not you would like to see them again, and you only get put in contact with the people you want to meet who also want to meet you again - no more awkward phone calls and no having to avoid people you don't like.

Most are professionals who want to improve their chances of meeting the right person.

They're generally normal, attractive people with varied interests who normally mix with the same group of friends and work colleagues and rarely get the opportunity to meet many new people in one go.

Speed dating removes all these problems because you are on your 'dates' only long enough to meet a nice variety of people that you may or may not like and then it's time to consider your options before leaving. What questions do you think could be appropriate to ask and wise not to? Click on the image to watch the video and answer the questions below. This trend is becoming popular in a number of countries and it makes perfect sense. If you meet someone and decide to go out with them, you usually realize if you will click within the first ten minutes.Unfortunately, this means that if you do not click, then you may feel obligated to go through the entire date, hoping they do not get the wrong idea in the process.

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