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"It's a good way to practice your elevator pitch," Oliver said.Larry Wright, the president and CEO of the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) in Alexandria, Va., said true mentoring can't happen in a matter of minutes.Veronica Segarra and Maitreyi Das, both postdocs in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, thought that rotating between mentors in a timed format helped facilitate discussion."I've been to many networking events with faculty members before, but this was more productive and objective," Segarra said, explaining that at speed networking you don't have to spend a lot of time "breaking the ice" but can just "get down to business." Das added that "the one-on-one interaction really helps, because you can be open and candid about what you want to ask." Postdocs consulted with faculty about their CVs, grant proposals, and presentations.

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If you wish to give an event at the Univeristy of Miami, please contact the SEEDS Program Manager for aid, help in event publicity, use of the SEEDS website RSVP function, modest funds for food, and an assessment sheet.Somewhat, this is better than having nothing in place. Planning to see senior faculties in our department to help me in my research field. Three quarters of the mentees and half of the mentors welcomed a speed mentoring event every semester; the rest preferred one event yearly.Properly submit documents for consideration of promotion. Decide what I could request when getting/applying for a new job. Get in touch with collaborators who can help write grants. The majority of both groups thought that the lunch afterward was also useful.Paloma Sanchez, a 20-year-old studying microbiology at the school, said the event's timed conversations and musical chairs approach got her results.She met a cardiologist who has agreed to let her do a shadowing program at a hospital this summer. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face," Sanchez said.

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