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Details about which teams will be playing in Moncton have not yet been released, but city manager Jacques Dubé doubts Canada will be among them, having just played a pre-Olympic friendly game in the city last year against China.

read more: note - I'm not surprised that we won't be seeing a Canada match in Moncton.

Brit Matthew Gray spent 210 Canadian dollars (£110) on three tickets and drove for three and a half hours from his home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to the match – but winded up missing the first 30 minutes.

And when we started to move the most shocking thing about it was there was another big queue around the corner.

It's awesome to see these pics of Moncton and be kept updated of what is going on.

I have been away for many years, though I try to read news and keep up to date with what is going on back home.

CN routing to Saint John and interchange to NBSR switch crew in Saint John.

(the fastest but, more expensive route for IRVING OIL).

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