Sperm donor siblings dating dating last referrers

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“It’s hard to explain but I only have this half picture of myself.23and Me is perfect service for anyone like me who has this sort of black hole in their history and wants to know more about themselves.”Still Searching Kathleen La Bounty, another donor child searching for information about her biological father, has been searching for years.Finding A Sister Cynthia Lund, a 33 year-old massage therapist in Salt Lake City, said that when she signed up for 23and Me in the back of her mind she had the idea of possibly finding her biological father.But for Cynthia, who knew since her 14th birthday that she’d been conceived using a sperm donor, it was also simply a practical decision.“I had no family health history for one side, and I wanted to know if there was anything I should be concerned about,” Cynthia said.They want information about themselves they can’t find any other way.

She responded to the email and the two women, who are about two years apart, finally talked on the phone.Two years later, a new half-sister joined their 23andme list.“It’s very exciting! “I can’t wait to see if anyone else is out there.”Unlike those great old children’s books, Marcia’s story isn’t fraught with suffering. In fact she’s never told him that she now knows that he isn’t her biological father, because she didn’t want to somehow hurt his feelings. But still the news that he wasn’t her father changed Marcia’s understanding of who she is and it raised many questions. Would he want to know about his offspring and (ten! What traits might he have passed onto her that she has in turn passed on to her own children?She and her new found half-siblings feel like a family now, although one with a big mystery at the core. Marcia isn’t alone in trying to fill in the blanks in her family history.This kind of search for ancestry has even woven its way into popular culture.The plot of 2010’s “The Kids are All Right” and the 2013 comedy “The Delivery Man” revolve around the offspring of donors searching for their biological fathers.

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