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show you two islands and a continent: Major-ca, minor-ca and ameri-ca.(d) this in the laundry you surely will find,(e) and thi on a turn out is mounted behind.

screens the soldier in a storm, It holds the sailor's kit;.

hidden authors: a, butler; b, Temple; c, hunt; d, spencer; e, grey; f, Lamb; g, boyle; h, bacon; i, swift; j, shel-.

's my first i ween, In households where 'tis often seen;.

have no feet, and yet with hands, I never cease my tireless run;.

after word 100 or so, this list is not necessarily accurate because some of the texts in my corpus overused certain words (for example, "species" should probably not be as high as it is, but my corpus included the origin of species which makes frequent use of the word "species")., if you like it, on a stalk, When in the summer fields you vralk., surely by this my name you can tell, Unless that, like truth, i am hid in a well.

"whole," beside his lady's bower, In stately pride, unfolds its flower, No.

ruled in troubled times,(a) if you cut thirty yards of cloth into one.-nlgmatical birds,(a) a teasel (b) separate a bill (c) to.(a) "why is a game of cards like a timber.

i protect it i am not averse to gayety, For i used of ten to appear at festive boards;.in the last, if downwards spelt, That which adorns the soldier's belt.buttered muffins for his worship's tea: And she had thrice as much, had buxom ann, As the young scapegrace who errands ran.am the guardian of your flocks and herds, And of your threshold, under which guise i.the dance is done and the fun fs o'er, My partner leads me behind the door, Where i wait till called again on the floor.

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