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It was an era when we lived in constant fear that at any time, a bomb could blast in a bus stop due to terror attacks. Many of my schoolmates died during this period; some died during the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) uprising in 1965, and the ones who joined the military died in the Civil War,” he says.

He also recently started working with his father’s mask collection. We are studying them and will teach the techniques to the younger generation.

We will look into how the techniques can be used in a contemporary context.

It is possible right now, over a couple of steamy weeks in Sri Lanka, to briefly knock around the seaside capital of Colombo, with its sidewalk snake charmers wrangling cobras and pythons beneath sleek, high-rise office buildings; then hop a colonial-era train for an all-day run up into the tea plantations of the central highlands, and then wander down through teeming national game parks to the turquoise waters of funky beach towns — and find little evidence of the bloody, tragic recent history of this beautiful, benighted island that sits like a fallen tear off the Indian subcontinent. It was just in 2009 that the world watched as Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese government and Tamil Tiger rebels exchanged horrific volleys of war crimes that ended a 25-year civil war.

In the final months, at least 40,000 Sri Lankans died in the island’s northern provinces, most of them Tamils.

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