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Some industries were radically disrputed before they even noticed - where did Minolta, Konika, Kodak and Polaroid go?

The world's bestselling camera brands today are not Canon or Nikon either. So clearly there was some of that error made by other industries, not anticipating a mobile revolution.

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The TV industry found mobile early too, from MTV to the BBC.

The BBC's director general said that soon all broadcast content would be available on mobile phones, as today we can see much of the content already for example via You Tube on our smartphones.

The ending keynote at the event was given by my dear friend Ralph Simon, who didn't speak about mobile much, nor even about his focus area, the music industry (Ralph is most known inside the industry for his work with the MEF Mobile Entertainment Forum, and in his day job works as the mobile guru for such artists as Madonna, U2 and Lady Gaga).

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Like telephony for Western Union or home PCs for then-computer giant DEC?And there are hydrogen fuel options and many other options too.If you surveyed car industry experts, there is not a consensus view of which type of engine will be the future.And that Warner Brothers didn't think it worth their while to bother to test their actors for speaking voice and in the case of musicals, singing skills. I love that quote by Chetan Sharma, that the world will change more in the next ten years than in the previous 100 years.So coming back to Ralph's ending keynote, he then showed lots of areas of tech developments that now are opening areas for enormous creative opportunities as well as often wholescale industry disruption.

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