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ACP Khairi said the victim had recently graduated from a local college and had been living on his own, adding that he used to share the unit with three men - a German, a Pole and another Sri Lankan.“All, with exception of the Polish man, have long left the country.Applications are called from the studios which have fulfilled basic requirements to undertake the aforesaid task, to be registered under this department.KUALA LUMPUR: A Sri Lankan national who had recently graduated from college, was found dead in a condominium here, in what is believed to be a sex act gone wrong.

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Children born outside Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan parents (At least one of the parents should be a Sri Lankan) needs to be registered at this department within one year of birth for the confirmation of the child’s citizenship.

War crimes are prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, of which Sri Lanka is a signatory.

In 2002 the International Criminal Court (ICC) was created by the Rome Statute to prosecute individuals for serious crimes, such as war crimes. Therefore, it is only possible for the ICC to investigate and prosecute war crimes in Sri Lanka if the UN Security Council was to refer Sri Lanka to the ICC, which is unlikely.

A certificate for the Registration of Birth is issued to the applicant.

What will happen if I fail to register the birth of my child within one year ?

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