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If you’re into blonde surfer guys and she likes nerdy Jewish guys, go out with her. If you find someone who likes the same thing as you, you’ll be competitive and you will slay that dragon. “Studies have shown that those who travel in packs do not attract, so two or less.” And if you’re curious to know where to find a new beau while on your own, Stanger’s got the answer: “Where there’s meat, there’s men.” Read more Moschino's Resort 2016 Nails, Decoded 5. According to Stanger, chemistry is 90 percent body language, and she recommends looking to the women in Asia for body language inspiration.“Their mannerisms — they’re like cats, they’re like felines,” she remarks.Before meeting the guy — who could be the one, you never know — be sure to: “Avoid overly made up makeup — “cake face” — men will run for the hills. ” Patti says there are a few must-haves to always carry in your purse: “Definitely our Completely Bare Wax on the Go-Go Travel Wax Kit because you never know when you’re going to need it.

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” And in true Patti form, she didn’t censor her tips!

Even just listening to myself, I can tell there’s a very real split in this country and I know that I’m a part of it.

This divide it feels like it touches everything, not just politics. Read more When I watch episodes of my show and even look at the dates my current millionaire clients take their dates on, my mouth starts to water a bit. But, it’s not possible for most of us here in the real world.

Read more Moschino's 2016 Resort Nails, Decoded The love guru opened up about beauty, dating and how to "snare a man without killing him" last week at SIXTY Beverly Hills, where she also celebrated her new position as brand ambassador for Completely Bare wax products. And as the new brand ambassador for the affordably priced Completely Bare Wax, she says there’s no more excuses for letting things get, um, out of control.

“The millennials won’t pay for [professional waxing] — they won’t even pay for cable.

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