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But it’s not so easy to figure out the mechanics behind our more masculine sistas who behind closed doors, turn into the stud version of a . I mean they can’t all be suffering from or with internalized homophobia. While perusing’s Lesbian Life website, I came across the following question from a I consider myself a butch lesbian. But women seem to be unable to grasp that I truly do not ache and long to be touched and "loved".In the course of discussing this and discovering it myself several years ago, my therapist suggested I am "stone." She suggested this because I ache and long and burn to give pleasure, while finding it difficult to receive. Not in disgust, but fear……It frightens me to think of allowing someone, a woman, to touch me in order to allow them to give... This is not helping me because I am not being heard when I talk and dare to be honest about my experiences. I guess a is a match made in heaven, but not for mwah.Don’t let the lyrics to some of these rap songs lead you to believe that everyone gets down like that. In an attempt to better understand my Stone Butch sistas, can you please enlighten me on why you don’t care to be on the receiving end?

Yes, that’s my real first and last name (I don’t know why but a lot of people think my last name is a nick or screen name). Of not being hired because I can be perceived as a strong, assertive, open minded woman who doesn’t like to take any shit in her personal life? ORIGINAL ANSWER: Come to one of the monthly NYC Butch Femme Socials and buy me a drink. I have four basic rules that I stick to and the rest are negotiable – depending on the situation. As a guest star, you get twice the attention and twice the pleasure; you can grab your clothes, close the door behind you, and leave the couple to deal with their morning-after drama on their own. If she’s going to cheat, she’s going to cheat regardless of whom you bring home to “share” or as a “gift” to her. Some of my favorite perfumes and body splashes: by Bath & Body Works. No one really asked this but TMI Queen me I’m going to put it in writing anyways. At some point I end up getting tired of being with a stinky butch. Other butch/femme things going on in NYC (which I don’t organize but occasionally attend) are: Butch Femme Society‘s monthly meetings and dinners, Pride March group, April Dance, etc. Yes, it’s very frustrating to hear again and again that, because I don’t stick my fingers up her vagina, I can’t be in a “real” relationship with a stone butch, I’m not having “real” sex with a stone butch, and I am not a “real” lesbian.

Whether you have reasons to believe someone is cheating on you or not, whether she gave you her password or you used some spyware, reading your girlfriend’s emails is wrong. kd lang on twitter kd lang on Facebook kd lang’s website What happened to the NYC Butch Femme Socials?

Why haven’t you approved my follow request on twitter? If I have unfollowed or blocked you, chances are you annoy me either with your random tweets about “bitches”/doing drugs, or we have somehow interacted and I got tired of your whining. The butch co-host and Yours Truly were taking a break “for the time being” (work, medical & dental treatments, writing deadlines, school… After a very looooong and cold winter in NYC, the butch co-host stepped down, and I decided to shut down the Butch Femme Socials and start a new adventure – the NYC Butch Femme Outings.

I’m lucky enough to live in a city with plenty of LGBT friendly employers to chose from and, hey, if this blog gets me noticed by… a hot lawyer, police officer, firefighter, army reservist (yes, I have a thing for women in uniform) or entrepreneur… Ask for my number before you leave and remember I’m a 2×4 femme. If you are a femme, do come to one of the Socials, you don’t need to buy me a drink : p UPDATE: the NYC Butch Femme Socials are history. I would start by telling her you want to take her out on a date – using the word “date.” For more info, read this. All kidding aside, I guess I’d call them a “couple” and/or ask them what they like to be called. The Butch Femme Society stopped doing the monthly meetings and dinners in late 2016. Seriously, start going to the Butch/Femme Society’s meetings or the NYC Butch Femme Socials’ outings, volunteer at the Center, try Craigslist and/or create a profile on the Butch Femme Matchmaker. When I’m with a femme whose experience has been only with regular lesbians, how do I get the message across with finality that I cannot and will not let her play lesbian girls’ games with me in bed? I believe communication and “deprogramming” is key. A femme can kiss a stone butch’s ear or lick her arm and that stone butch will have mind-blowing orgasms.

Come to one of the NYC Butch Femme Outings instead. How do you spot crazy femmes who turn out to be straight? How do I ask her out without making an ass of myself? I’m not sure how other femmes do this but I don’t ask: “what are we going to do? For information on new events like them on Facebook and also join the group Rainbow Brunch for their monthly brunches. UPDATE: Read this and come to one of the NYC Butch Femme Outings. Make sure she understands that you like or love her and that your boundaries have nothing to do with your level of trust, commitment or love. That the stone butch’s focus is on giving to the femme and that that is the ultimate turn on for her doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy sex or that the femme just lays there waiting to be pleasured and not giving anything in return.

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