Street dating dvd dating for ex mormons

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Jeffries was big on NLP, effectively a rebranded form of hypnosis.

In many ways, he was like a holdover from the 1970s with his unrepentant focus on getting women into bed.

Things changed as the 1980s brought in a different atmosphere.

Reagan was in the White House, concerned parents were clamping down on rock and roll lyrics, and most importantly the specter of AIDS changed the whole dating landscape.

Towards the end of the decade, new things started to stir.

Most importantly, the Web was starting to provide a new platform for men to give advice on the dating arena. One of the first gurus of the new era was Ross Jeffries.

Selling books and CDs from his website, he told the would-be Casanova that no matter how nebbish you might be, you could learn to charm any woman into bed.

In the beginning, there was Dear Abby – an American institution since the 1950s.

Write in, and get nice, sensible advice on your dating dilemma.

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