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Stories of acts getting turned away at the border abounded, such as Italy’s Soviet Soviet and Iranian-born U. No wonder so many simply couldn’t be bothered with the hassle.

Stir in such added factors as the rising cost of doing anything in Austin, SXSW’s own efforts to reduce (although far from eliminate) the corporate presence that had people like Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga performing amid high-tech Doritos advertisements not that long ago and, say, a weaker Canadian dollar and you had a recipe for a slightly more modest, albeit still daunting, version of the multimedia behemoth SXSW has become over the past 30 years. Although country superstar Garth Brooks performed a free show on Lady Bird Lake on Saturday evening while the Roots hosted a street party across the bridge downtown that no one could get anywhere near, the days when the likes of Green Day and Metallica and Justin Timberlake insisted upon stealing the spotlight away from the “discovery” artists who were once SXSW’s bread and butter are apparently behind us. The big-name shows at SXSW were by more manageably sized indie A-listers such as the reunited At the Drive-In, aging punks Jimmy Eat World, Americana songstress Neko Case and Austin’s very own Spoon, who played from Tuesday through Thursday at the Main before sneaking in another day gig at the Austin Convention Centre on Friday.

The new material is extraordinary, and Segarra deserves the buzz and plumb gigs she will have all week at SXSW. OK, so that conversation never happened, but a chat at the bar with the band's de facto leader did. Louis, he riffed on William Gass and Stanley Elkin, and gratefully accepted the gin and tonic he was offered.

Those new to SXSW might ask, "Who are the headliners? Garth Brooks and Nile Rodgers led the keynote speeches for the music portion (Joe Biden, go figure, led the charge for the interactive days), and the Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams and Wu Tang Clan all performed. Newman: You couldn't pay me enough to deal with all that again. Newman is ever droll and inwardly excited when he's on stage, letting the new material stand sturdily beside the hits and letting the New Pornographers' familiar, sweeping but somehow strangely futuristic power-pop do the talking.

Pitchfork: "Confusion Abounds as Multiple International SXSW Artists Denied Entry Into U.

S." Billboard: "Customs Officials Offer Travel Clarification After SXSW Artist Is Denied Entry Into U.

When we began to design the model our restaurant would follow we looked to the past; that era when the pace was a little slower, people took the time to build meaningful connections, and ingredients were fresh and healthy.

Before continuing with any other aspect of our endeavor we searched for foods of high quality and delectable taste.

Line-up includes Casi, Chain of Flowers, Charlie Cunningham, Ciaran Lavery, Fifi Rong, Findlay, Fizzy Blood, Flamingods, Her's, Jealous of the Birds, LIFE, Meilyr Jones, Menace Beach, New Portals, Robocobra Quartet, Ryan Vail, Silences, The Sandinistas & Youngr.

The song "Seven Days" recounted the soul-stunned horror that followed the November 2015 jihadist attacks in Paris. Tuesday evening continued with Hurray for the Riff Raff at the Stereogum party at Empire Garage, and I thought back on seeing Alynda Lee Segarra and Yosi Perlstein for the first time at SXSW six years ago, before few (this writer included) knew much about them.

"I don't know what to feel," sang Paloma Gil and Lou Hayat. Yosi is no longer with Segarra, but her new band, carried by rich organ riffs, has helped her make the conversion into broad-spectrum rock and deconstructed soul-folk.

A cover of Sparks' "Angst in My Pants" was excellent, as were many of the riffs on loan from the Stooges. Spoon closed out the opening night of SXSW Music, and the first of a three-night stand at Main, with bass-heavy cuts from Hot Thoughts, its new album on Matador, and all the tense and taught guitar and vintage keyboard warmth its fans love.

I dug A Giant Dog's antics more than I first supposed. Britt Daniel beamed on stage, genuinely loving being back at the small, open-air venue, and delivered the best version of Gimme Fiction's "The Beast and Dragon, Adored" I've ever heard.

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