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The flaws are still there, which I shall detail below, but there were a few surprising high notes to Band Camp that made me actually enjoy re-watching it. In the original films, Stifler was a bad character.We were not meant to see him as the hero, more of the antagonist who was funny in places.That’s not a noble quest for the hero; that is a felony. A lot of this is down to Arielle Kebbel’s performance as the composer whose career is on the line with Band Camp.I seem to remember her as the prissy stereotype, something American Pie prided itself on avoiding.Tad Hilgenbrink in fairness looks the spitting image of his brother.He has the cocky giggle, the annoying grin and delivery of his insults down to a tee.Steve Talley might have struggled with poor writing in the other spin-offs, but at least he made something new out of his Stifler.Matt Stifler is simply devoid of redemptive qualities, which makes his addition to Band Camp quite painful to watch.

The movie comes together just in time for an outstanding finale set-piece that cracks the right heart-warming smiles.

For a few years now, I have dismissed Band Camp as the worst American Pie movie to date.

It was the first cop-out spin-off of the iconic originals and it’s few connections to the other films are the lead being the brother of Seann William Scott’s dickhead Stifler character and Jim’s Dad popping up in a supporting role that doesn’t quite make too much sense.

Final Verdict: Band Camp is a movie of two halves: a dreadful opening gambit and an ending that somehow makes you forget all the misery that came before.

For a series whose defining image is a guy fucking a pastry, American Pie has always made getting off seem less like a compulsion than a burden.

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