Taemin and naeun Dating community in cuba

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You are good actress and you need to play good scripted role and some people to go in psychiatric to take lesson .. I wish people stop writing negative comments about you ..it is really unfair becouse you are great and beautiful good luck for your new drama my queen. Maybe it caused by Apink that always paired with Beast before.I don't even thinking about pairing Apink's member and Shinee's member. Naeun who was mad at her parents ran away from home and live with her cousins.

So they built a world of the Since fate likes to have fun, they don't know one another...........least not yet.

This staff member always maintained a special relationship with not only Na-Eun but also Taemin and so she overlooked the fact that we were recording.

Likewise, we should have made sure one more time before uploading the video onto our homepage, but we did not thoroughly look over this part and uploaded it so we feel very sorry about causing worry to the many people who love 'We Got Married.'As the Taemin and Na-Eun couple are the youngest couple that lasted a long time of over six months, they are receiving love from the 'We Got Married' staff for always being open around them. EVEN IF IT IS THE ADAM, KHUNTORIA, YONGSEO COUPLES etc, ; YOU CAN'T DENY THAT IT IS PART OF THE PROGRAM.

They never had activities outside the show and barely talked about each other.

As soon as they left the show they let it to be forgotten.

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