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Just as the opposition is working together, whether overtly or merely adopting the same language and tactics, proponents of marriage equality should also be working more closely in solidarity.

The shared histories and attitudes toward marriage in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, as the anthology shows, means the fight to expand its definition should also be shared.

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In Taiwan, these arguments are often masked as upholding traditional family values without recognizing the true origins of such purported values.Similarly omitted is a conversation on the existence of a criminal adultery statute in Taiwan that punishes violators with a maximum sentence of one-year imprisonment.Unique among the three jurisdictions, this law is indicative of the level of state regulation of sexual behavior and undoubtedly has an influence on the perception of marriage and intimacy.The contributors write from the assumption that marriage involves more than just the couple and is located both in the public and the private spheres, with deinstitutionalization destabilizing the boundaries.As a sociological collection, both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are represented, but of particular interest to the general reader may be the ethnographic pieces by James Farrer on Chinese premarital intimacy, Petula Sik Ying Ho on Hong Kong men’s sexual desires and choices, and Hsiu-hua Shen on Taiwanese long-distance marriages divided by the Taiwan Strait, all of which humanize the academic topic through highlighting the people’s voices.

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