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A special unit, the Management of Publications department, "analyzes all publications and issues directives to newspapers and magazines" stating that way in which a given topic must be treated.

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Many articles from the English and Arabic Wikipedia projects are censored in Saudi Arabia with no given explanation.He made the observation in an order last month when it was pointed out that an ISP had displayed a message that had sent viewers in a tizzy.The HC had recently directed ISPs to block several URLs on a plea by against piracy.Additionally, a number of sites are blocked according to two lists maintained by the Internet Services Unit (ISU): one containing "immoral" (mostly pornographic or supportive of LGBT-rights) sites and sites promoting Shia Ideology, the others based on directions from a security committee run by the Ministry of Interior (including sites critical of the Saudi government).An interesting feature of this system is that citizens are encouraged to actively report "immoral" sites (mostly adult and pornographic) for blocking, using a provided web form, available on the government's website.

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