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Special mentions to the ones who just missed the list by an inch. Started the first onscreen gang-war things of sorts.

Why is he on the list: In a movie which has Anil Kapoor playing the angry young man Munna, Madhuri Dixit dancing to ‘Ek Do Teen’ and the whole country dancing to it, if you can still remember the name of the villain, job well done!!! He can pull out the ear of a child goat just because he broke a vase.

Just wants to keep his business flourishing, so that’s it. Has good connections within the law and administration. Little did he know that Rajkumar Santoshi would cast Sunny Deol as the brother of Raj Babbar. Dang (Anupam Kher) : Film- Karma Achievement and Activities: Evil plans associated with spreading terror. 2: Gabbar ( Amjad Khan ) Film – Sholay (as if you needed to know that) Achievements and Activities: Dacoit, hates Ramgarh and hates Thakur.

“Sher Khan Kaale ka dhanda karta hai lekin imaandari se” 15: Anna (Nana Patekar): Film – Parinda Achievements and Activities: Ganglord and Bully right from childhood, established as one of the first onscreen underworld characters of Bollywood. Youtube reference scene (click here): This is actually a song called Gadbad Ho Gayee. White suit, black shades, white pants, white shoes.

Coz he spawned a different genre of Bollywood villains. In a movie filled with Bollywood’s biggest villains Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher, Paresh Rawal, Dalip Tahil , maybe not Dalip Tahil, you end up remembering only the BAD MAN. Youtube reference scene (click here): Just check it out. Just don’t get smitten by Lakhan’s HR and PR skills. Indrajit Chadhha (Amrish Puri) : Film – Damini Achievements and Activities: Criminal Lawyer by profession, scheming mind which can go to any extent. Shaakaal’s style and charisma excels those of Amitabh, Shashi and Shatrughan put together.

Coz he created the line “Saara Shaher mujhe Loin ke naam se Janta hai” which is etched in golden letters in Indian pop-culture. Instead enjoy Reena Roy dancing to Jaa Re Jaa (Click here) 8: Kesariya Vilayti aka BAD MAN (Gulshan Grover) : Film- Ram Lakhan Achievements and Activities: I can’t remember anything else but the dialogue-BAD MAN. Extremely mean with the ladies and doesn’t hesitate from discussing rape in details or uttering words like ‘jaangh’. Shaakaal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) : Film – Shaan Achievement and Activities: Owns a shark tank, sliding doors, moisturises scalp regulary. His gadgets, comfortable arm-wresting chair, sitting in his control room with buttons et al and surrounded by swimming sharks.

Hates his hair falling on his forehead, so jerks his head frequently to keep his hair to the side. He is the reason why Sunny Deol keeps shouting “Taarikh Pe Taarikh”. Balvant Rai (Amrish Puri ): Film – Ghayal Achievement and Activities: Illegal businessman who stops at nothing. Just have a look at the pic on the side, and imagine the sheer force of Dr. Youtube reference scene (click here): The climax scene of Shaan where Shaakaal takes on the 3 heroes.

Youtube reference (click here): The court scene where he utters “Jaanghe aapko maalum hai kya hoti hai”. Kancha Cheena (Danny Denzongpa) : Film – Agneepath Achievements and Activities: Crime Baron, Takes over village Mandwa where hero Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is born. Filthy rich and lotsa goons (some of them anglo-indians). Youtube reference scene (click here): Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk 4: Dr. Over the top dialogues oozing with negative energy. The background music is not in the movie, but uploaded by the video uploader.

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