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This club takes allllllot of pride in our military. you are a military vet and I'm suppose to be proud of you?shut your stupid pie hole, you idiot, cheating, low self esteem, sex swapping man who only joined the service b/c you couldn't get a real job.you are a military vet and I'm suppose to be proud of you?The characterization that a swinger would be idiots,cheaters and have low self esteem is laughable at best.The owners are stand up people that take great pride in their club and their friends, at least it is an upscale club with upscale members unlike some of the clubs around here.Those people need to get a life, get educated, and attack a real issue.You have been to the club and don't think these owners take pride in the club or respect it!!! These people take more pride in this club than I have seen in ANY CLUB. The man is NOT, I repeat NOT a swinger or even anyone that the owners know. It sounds to me more like you tried something that was breaking rules and found yourself on the outside looking in.

Why didn't you complain about the drunks and fights before?Just because people are insecure in their own lives & relationships does not mean you can or should pass judgement on others.If you are worried about your neighborhood, maybe you should look at the child molestors nearby or the bars where killings take place.Now that the place is run by those who do not want to offend their neighbors with fighting and drunks, you attack them? And no, I am not a swinger, nor do I ever want to go to "Club Elite".Just wondering why you seem so up in arms about an obvious improvement to your neighborhood. Swingers are the most passive, friendly, quietest people I know of! How "nasty or perveted" is it when your husband runs around on you or you on him?

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