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Bengtsson discusses three details in the biblical story which may have served to create a connection with the date of Passover.

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It must be assumed, however, that the Targum was an integral part of the Biblical course of study designated as "Miḳra"; and Judah b. 161 the Targum is mentioned as a branch of study intermediate between the Miḳra and the Mishnah. The professional translator of the text of the Bible in the synagogue was called "targeman" ("torgeman," "metorgeman" ; the common pronunciation being Meturgeman; see Meg.

Akiba's early training says that he studied the Bible and the Targum; but allusions to the Targum as a special subject of study in connection with the Bible are excessively rare. His duties naturally formed part of the functions of the communal official ("sofer") who bad charge of Biblical instruction (see Yer. This anecdote shows that there was a written Targum which was used for public worship in that century in Palestine, although there was no definitely determined and generally recognized Targum, such as existed in Babylonia.

Early in the fourth century Samuel ben Isaac, upon entering asynagogue, once saw a teacher ("sofer") read the Targum from a book, and bade him desist.

Passover in Targum Pseudo-Jonathan Genesis: The Connection of Early Biblical Events with Passover in Targum Pseudo Jonathan in a Synagogue Setting. The long title of this short work (seventy-one pages without the front matter and the bibliography) well describes its content.

Bengtsson presents four events in Genesis which are connected to the Passover by TPJ.

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