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But if you want the full blast of Hobart, proceed straight across to the main street. Located 32 km by road from Hobart in the d’Entrecasteaux Channel, Kettering is surrounded by hills and enclosed by Bruny Island.

In our two visits, each a month, we’ve not experience any security issues. Elizabeth Pier is quieter without street frontage and has cafe with outdoor seating adjacent to the berth. Row ashore to boat launching site, pub nearby with meals. This scenic bay probably offers the best protection in Tasmania.

We prefer mooring on the left side after the bridge, it’s the quietest as no road passes, but it is often full.

Second best, directly right after the bridge, closest to the showers, quiet traffic.

, the “island of inspiration.” Here we find some of the world’s most dramatic dolerite cliffs close to Australia’s second oldest city first settled in 1803.

A quaint delightful city beneath the protection of The Mountain with its fluted organ pipes standing proud and tall before some of Australia’s best waterways that spread from it like the blue folds of royalty. There are lonely bays backed by green forests while around an abrupt point lay the heinous remains of a convict settlement dating back to our earliest history.

A complete set of updated Cruising Notes for Tasmania, print ready/i Phone/Kindle, can be downloaded here.

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The canal proper is 895 metres long, and 2.42 km with dredged approaches.Or you can anchor off Commandants Point sheltered from all winds in 10 – 12 m sand.The ruins of the penal settlement and museum are well worth visiting and form a surreal backdrop to the anchorage. Temporary anchorage off Dead Island if you care to visit the island of death.Minimal swell in a lovely well-timbered isolated bay.Possible place to leave vessel for overnight Cape Pillar walk.

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