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As Swift herself said when she topped ’s Money Makers 2014 list (and were named their Woman of the Year… Swift hasn’t exactly been humble about the perks of success, and for a while, seeing her star rise meteorically due to the merit of her magnetic personality and songwriting chops — U. singer Imogen Heap admitted last October she wrongly assumed Swift didn’t write much of her own music — was OK.again), took on Apple Music and won, became BFFs with Kendrick Lamar, and hosted Jay Z and Beyoncé at their already star-studded 25th birthday party, all in the same 12-month period. She brought us along for the ride with her almost superhumanly empathetic engagement with her fans on Tumblr, even if naysayers would just say, “Oh, she just has a great social media team.” When she sang, “They are the hunters, we are the foxes” on the yearning cut “I Know Places,” you almost believed her, because despite being financially successful and the sort of person whose legs are insured for million, she still went home to her cats after the Grammy Awards.If that’s the case, then, what must she think of her fanbase?

Ben shared that he introduced his two daughters to the singer and watched his “starstruck” youngsters try to cope with their excitement, reported The speechless children “didn’t say a thing,” admitted Affleck, describing them as “totally frozen.” Ben introduced Violet and Seraphina to the “Shake It Off” singer following her 1989 world tour concert in Los Angeles in August 2015.Taylor Swift might have a new love story in the works ...'cause the country superstar spent a romantic 4th of July on the beach with Arnold Schwarzenegger's son.“Taylor Swift Is Not Your Friend,” proclaimed Gawker last week, explaining that the “Swiftian performance art” of bringing models like Gigi Hadid and Heidi Klum on stage was starting to smell faintly like the gangly, awkward 16-year-old whose self-titled debut took country music by storm nearly ten years ago now wants everyone to know she’s in the cool kids’ club.Following her ill-advised exchange last week with Nicki Minaj, magazine published an article titled “Yes, White People, It Is About You,” Flavorwire requested that she demonstrate a little more awareness of her contribution to pop music’s whiteness (and what the idea of feminism entails), and the Verge pointed out that “Swift’s idea of generosity was to offer another woman second place.” In those headlines alone we find the fast-spreading realization about Swift: Her whole persona has always been kind of about her.

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