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These characters all have a through-line, but every year we're like, "Who are they gonna be this year? But it's HER version of it: a weird Chanel boucle suit and a too-big barrette.

Jessa used to dress eccentrically, like Helena Bonham Carter, but ... And Hannah is trying to get together her academic gear.

After all I had asked her for a break and I cant live together with Patrick's kids as they are not mine.

I have my 15 year old child also so I will hear from what her parents are going to say about this," said Tonderai.

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During weekends she is a wine bar philosopher and polymath for no pay.Jemima Kirke: Now she's toning it down, dressing less to impress. Allison Williams (laughing): What you wear to class in the second episode — I cheered out loud!LD: Hannah is trying so hard, and it's SO horrible! LD: The thing I admire so much about (her co-stars) is, everyone rolls with it: "OK, I'm gonna take a leap of faith." There are definitely shows where the actors go, "I'm not gonna do that." I'm not saying our guys aren't allowed to say that, but we've never heard that from them, because they have so much daring as performers and excitement about just going for it.No matter how many more we do after that, if there were FIVE seasons you think, 'Wow, that show did OK.'"Digging Deeper Zosia Mamer: Creatively, it's even more rewarding now than when we first started. But she's so Type A she tries to do a PERFECT version of Brooklyn and it ends up looking cheesy.We've all gotten so close, so we can delve so much deeper. Lena Dunham: It's fun to tell the girls at the beginning of the season, "Here's the basic gist." And they're like, "WTF! Shoshanna's going out on all these job interviews, so she has what she thinks is a professional wardrobe.

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