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Erected in 1879, it holds a unique spot in history as one of the first capitol buildings in America to feature a cast iron dome.

The building underwent an extensive renovation process in 1992 and received its designation as a National Historic Landmark in the same year.

The zoo is known for its dedication to preserving endangered species.

The museum has a gallery dedicated to the early European explorers who explored and founded Michigan, and there is a Civil War exhibit that contains all sorts of mementos from the 19 century conflict.

Young visitors enjoy checking out the state capitol building, visiting the Michigan Historical Museum, and getting a hands-on science education at the Impression 5 Science Center.

For adults, Lansing offers an array of art galleries, theaters, restaurants, museums, historical sites, shopping centers, and sporting events.

Michigan's role in the Underground Railroad and the anti-slavery movement is also displayed through artifacts, written works, and paintings.

In the 1950s gallery, guests can learn all about Michigan's claim to fame as the nation's hub for automobile manufacturing.

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