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meghana.mrajan: really long since i did t PM almost 2 yrs back me: hmmm meghana.mrajan: lets try soemtime me: sure...not have to celebrate when we meet.... ya rite me: it's been quite a while meghana.mrajan: spend time alone wid u PM me: sure... meghana.mrajan: hmmm me: lol...not taking advantage of u??

PM meghana.mrajan: wat shall we do me: whatever u wish to... meghana.mrajan: hmm ll anything ur wish i wud not stop u PM anything ur wish i wud not stop u me: ithu daan nee ivlo neruma type pannitu irunthiya i thought u were preparing a long list PM meghana.mrajan: i finished typing long time back.. hmmm well wat's there to stop when i'm doing things that are in your wishlist meghana.mrajan: hahaha... on u and ur mood when ur here PM and if you're staying wid me or not.... meghana.mrajan: hahah t ll be good oly when i am wid u me: don worry.....i'd not take advantage of u in case u do stay wid me meghana.mrajan: hahah ok??? PM meghana.mrajan: yaya me: : P meghana.mrajan: haahha me: well den lemme put it dis way it depends on u... me: i'd do anything that u wish for so u gotta be careful wat u wish for meghana.mrajan: hahah good...

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meghana.mrajan: more than others like me the most me: haha PM dat's not possible...i love my mom the most meghana.mrajan: loose kuppai me: ?? meghana.mrajan: hahah even i don know y PM me: some things just cannot be answered rite? wat did u think like me: PM meghana.mrajan: wat da me: something kinky meghana.mrajan: hmmm po da..

me: PM meghana.mrajan: wat esle else * PM me: u tell so wat u feel has got nothing to do wid wat i said PM meghana.mrajan: nothin like tat me: so u do feel kinky?

me: yup meghana.mrajan: ya tell me: lol PM meghana.mrajan: yenna da me: wassup!??

u just said bye meghana.mrajan: ya i came to my room so thought ll buzz u nu me: hmmm not important meghana.mrajan: its ok ask me: can ask u next time too..u really have something to do carry on hmm PM meghana.mrajan: i don dude...

u tell damm free me: nothing....kinky nu sonniye....i need more details PM meghana.mrajan: hahaha wat did u think PM me: cmon im a guy wat would i think meghana.mrajan: hmmm ok ok...

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