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Popeye with his bulging muscles and pounding arms made you believe that tins of spinach could make you iron-like strong and unbeatable. Foods that are rich in iron can give you an energy boost like no other.

Iron is a mineral that's found in the foods we eat and works to produce hemoglobin in your red blood cells that carry oxygen from organ to organ.

You can eat pumpkin seeds raw or the slightly roasted ones.

Chia seeds are small, black and crunchy seeds that are not just high in iron but also a great source of calcium and magnesium.(5.

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, the great thing about iron is that you can take care of your deficiency by eating iron rich foods, without having to turn to supplements.

You should also include some dried apricots in your diet.

The canned or cooked versions will work too, but they won't be as rich as the dry ones.

Another food which we're sure doesn't top your shopping list is Chicken Liver.

It's extremely rich in protein and folate, which can help ward off birth defects and blood diseases.

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