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You might conform to their standards of language or adopt their interests in an attempt to make new friends.Conversely, you may see a chat room as a place to express ideas and feelings that you think your parents or friends would disapprove of.As noted earlier, some chat rooms may serve a useful purpose.Nevertheless, youths who want to please Jehovah must exercise extreme caution in their use of this modern communication method.Either way, you end up deceiving one group or the other.By pretending online to be someone you are not, you are deceiving your chat room contacts.The anonymous nature of chat rooms could tempt you into becoming deceitful.Abigail says: “I would start conversations with people and then take on a personality to fit the conversation.” Like Abigail, you may be tempted to assume a different personality to fit in with a certain chat room group.

Chat rooms can accommodate large numbers of people, who can read and respond to each other’s messages.

(Genesis 3:1-5; Revelation 12:9, 10) You can avoid being duped by liars by following King David’s example.

“I have not sat with men of untruth,” he wrote, “and with those who hide what they are I do not come in.”—Psalm 26:4.

It also warns of those who “gradually seduce their targets through the use of attention, affection, kindness, and even gifts.” Describing the specific methods used by some of these predators, the FBI guide says: “They listen to and empathize with the problems of children.

They will be aware of the latest music, hobbies, and interests of children.

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