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Each student's program is supervised by qualified instructors.Programs are available in several locations throughout the District.The Chatham Regional school system consistently ranks highly and the Library of the Chathams is a valuable resource to the residents.Many outdoor recreational facilities are accessible to residents, such as, the National Wildlife Preserve (The Great Swamp) and the Morristown National Historical Park.Matches are played at the Club on Saturday afternoons and away matches at other clubs during weekday evenings.Adult Education The Adult Education Program is primarily for use by adults, over the age of 18, who wish to upgrade their academic credentials or complete their secondary education.Classes and competitions are based on level of play.

The Junior program is open to children ages 7 and up.

Playing lessons, video lessons, and drill sessions can be scheduled through one of the pros.

Details may be found at: The adult program offers round robins, classes, tournaments, and competitive league team play.

Skills Upgrading This program is available to students not currently enrolled in regular day school.

An individualized program tailored to the student's needs allows for continuous intake.

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