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(Indeed, recording executives at the time saw this as a key business risk.) But Poly Gram’s offerings just weren’t that good.The company had a dominant position in adult contemporary, but the kind of people who bought knockoff CDs from the trunk of a car didn’t want Bryan Adams and Sheryl Crow. By 1996, Glover, who went by Dell, had a permanent job at the plant, with higher pay, benefits, and the possibility of more overtime.But at the party, even in front of the supervisors, it seemed clear that the disks had been getting out.In time, Glover became aware of a far-reaching underground trade in pre-release disks.“There was a lot of people down my way selling shoes, pocketbooks, CDs, movies, and fencing stolen stuff,” he told me.“I didn’t think they’d ever look at me for what I was doing.” But the burner took forty minutes to make a single copy, and business was slow.

The two worked opposite ends of the shrink-wrapping machine, twelve feet apart. Most important, they were both fascinated by computers, an unusual interest for two working-class Carolinians in the early nineties—the average Shelbyite was more likely to own a hunting rifle than a PC.

Glover began to consider selling leaked CDs from the plant.

He knew a couple of employees who were smuggling them out, and a pre-release album from a hot artist, copied to a blank disk, would be valuable.

He began working double shifts, volunteering for every available slot.

“We wouldn’t allow him to work more than six consecutive days,” Robert Buchanan, one of his former managers, said.

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