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I was asked the standard questions about my job and my hobbies, but also received some light-hearted questions like, what type of animal I would be and if I could travel anywhere in the world, where? There was definitely one person who made me feel extremely uncomfortable and I spent the remainder of that date praying to be saved by the bell. At the end of the event, the hosts explained participants would receive an email within 72-hours outlining who our matches were. Can I talk to these people for longer than three minutes?Christine and I refreshed our inboxes until we got the emails. I texted Christine while doing a happy dance and trying to calm the overwhelming feelings stirring up inside. These are questions that time will help me find the answers to.By the end of the 25 dates, we would have said “Yes,” or “No,” to each person.Saying, “Yes,” would mean that we’d further our conversations with the selected winners outside of the event.Should our selections also have said, “Yes,” to us, we were to be connected to this person via e-mail.

Since speed dating had never crossed my mind, I was shocked when I found myself keen on trying it out.She called me screaming with joy, so I responded with the same action, of course. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to learn even more about five of the 25 men I encountered a few weeks ago.I patiently waited for my email to arrive (Read: I was worried, as a good two hours passed after Christine had received her email and I still had nothing)! I strongly encourage anyone who wants to try something new to give speed dating a try.Maybe they will be so hilarious, you will be inspired to write an opinion piece for a major newspaper about speed-dating and score a gig as a columnist at a media monster.We will then give a brief introduction to the evening explaining everything that you will need to know about the format.

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