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If that didn’t turn her off, then the subsequent emails from the same men asking why she was an ageist definitely did.

It’s okay to state some basic requirements, such as whether you’re willing to date someone who smokes or who has children.

Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: For some reasons a lot of people think that once they are 40 or a little bit over this age, and they are single, there is no reason to start searching for someone special.Some practiced daters have a standard letter they send to every single person they find even mildly attractive.Someone who truly wants to get to know you will take the time to write a personalized message responding to specific items in your profile, not send a generic cut-and-paste letter saying, “Hey girl, I saw your profile and was intrigued …” Think about the hundreds of other people who’ve gotten the same letter, and decide whether you’re willing to accept only the barest minimum of effort.They lose faith and tend to think that they were meant to live the whole life alone. We were created different and in order to feel complete we just need that missing puzzle of our soul.That is why was created and aims to make people happy.

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