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interlaboratory comparisons were made in the years 2000-2006.

Loess samples from several Polish (Dybaw- ka, Tarnawce, Dankowice, Biały Kościół) and Ukrainian (Halych, Velykyi Glybochok) profiles were TL dated in the Gdańsk laboratory and OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) dated in the Gliwice laboratory (Fedoro- wicz, 2006).

The Quaternary deposits, exposed on its edges, are not very thick (about 8-10 m).

They are composed of loess-soil and fluvial series, in which four main units were distinguished.

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Due to the different dating techniques used in individual laboratories, the details of their methodology were also presented.

The resulting series of dates confirmed the lithological and pedostratigraphic diagnosis of the sediments during the last two loess-forming cycles.

Additionally, the age of the loess layer at the base of the available sequence was established.

The marine deposits are overlain by a cover of Pleistocene fluvial and loess deposits ( Fig. These deposits conceal the irregu- larities of karstified substratum.

The quarry excavation has an almost circular floor plan.

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