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He was a drunk, stole from her, and physically abused her; he tried to run Annie off a cliff to get the farm but she was wilier than him and ran him off with her shotgun.I'd guess none of the people in that report bear any resemblance to her in any way even if they think of themselves as cougars. Merely dating someone younger than you doesn't make you a cougar.

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Think Joan Rivers without the fame or money or dozens of plastic surgeries.

A wholesale propaganda effort has attempted to peddle a substantially morphed and glammed up version of the term so that aging boomers and those just behind them can feel like they're still "hot" and "sexy" and desirable to hunky young guys, even though all those are the antithesis of true cougarism.

Any woman who draws male attention, and certainly if she draws enough to have men asking her out and paying for dates, is no cougar; she's just a woman dating someone who happens to be younger.

The new cougars want to date younger guys who are romantic, chivalrous and, best of all, relatively free of the emotional baggage from the past.

52% of the cougars in the study were in their 40s and their ideal guy is aged 24-27.

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