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If we set up some higher version numbers in the notification we can also trigger the update process of the software, and we can set our own host as a server or a proxy effectively gaining man-in-the-middle position.

From this point the most obvious way to gain control over the client is to hijack the update process and let the client download and execute a malicious binary as part of the update.

After installing a trial version (10.6 SP1) I could already tell that this software will worth the effort: And there are possibly many other fragile parts of the system.Analyzing the security of security software is one of my favorite research areas: it is always ironic to see software originally meant to protect your systems open a gaping door for the attackers.Earlier this year I stumbled upon the Office Scan security suite by Trend Micro, a probably lesser known host protection solution (AV) still used at some interesting networks.I could later use this database to construct my exploit without the original binaries or lots of reverse engineering.Back to the original problem, let’s decrypt the hex string already: SEQ=80&DELAY=0&USEPROXY=0&PROXY=&PROXYPORT=0&PROXYLOGIN=&PROXYPWD=&SERVER= NT_Version=10.6&Pcc95_Version=10.6&Engine NT_Version=9.700.1001&Engine95_Version=&ptch Hotfix Date=20131228153813&PTNFILE=1050100&ROLLBACK=1050100&MESSAGE=20&TIME=201312281648170406&DIRECT_UPDATE=1&IP=60d9f344c3a3868f909a6ae787e9d183&NT_ENGINE_ROLLBACK=9.700.1001&95_ENGINE_ROLLBACK=&TSCPTN_VERSION=1348&TSCENG_VERSION=7.1.1044&SPYWARE=0&CTA=2.1.103&CFWENG_VERSION=5.82.1050&CFWPTN_VERSION=10333&DCSSPYPTN_VERSION=222&VAPTN_VERSION=&ITRAP_WHITE_VERSION=93900&ITRAP_BLACK_VERSION=17100&VSAPI2ENG_VERSION=&VSAPI2PTN_VERSION=&SSAPIENG_VERSION=6.2.3030&SSAPIVSTENG_VERSION=&SSAPIPTN_VERSION=1469&SSAPITMASSAPTN_VERSION=146900&ROOTKITMODULE_VERSION=2.95.1170&Release IPList=&NVW300_VERSION=&Cleaned IPList=&NON_CRC_PATTERN_ROLLBACK=1050100&NON_CRC_PATTERN_VERSION=1050100&SETTING_SEQUENCE=0160670003&INDIVIDUAL_SETTING=1 The purpose of this message is to notify the clients that there are new configuration parameters to be applied.

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