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He and his rickshaw-puller friend enter the world of smack, rap, porn and horror. See full summary » Chaiti is a young beautiful woman and wife of newspaper editor Bikramjit. See full summary » With an insurmountable urge for sex and after numerous bad experiences and tragedies, Shawn (played by Slim Khezri), a sex addict, faces his demons, and seeks sexual sobriety through Sexaholics Anonymous.

Greta, a Swedish student comes to Paris with a view to making it there.

But comely and friendly as she is, she soon becomes the prey of all the rutting males around. See full summary » This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. It is a very pretentious movie that does not fascinate one second.

They go for medical help, which does not work and she worsens, descends into madness and ends up in a mental hospital. In a forest, near a border, a young Bengali and a European soldier attempt to get the better of one another.

In Calcutta, Rahul, an architect who had gone off to build a career in Dubai, ...

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