Tulsa dating scene

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And what are good sites or agencies to go through to find housing in those areas?

FWIW, I'm moving from a southern city where it's basically impossible to meet a single guy over the age of 22 - they all either get married young or leave.

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We understand how hard it is to meet South Tulsa singles, especially if you are looking in bars or hoping your friends pick a better blind date this time around.I already know from reading previous threads that Tulsa is great for young families, but what's the dating scene like for young professionals?What areas would be best for me to move to to have decent walkable nightlife and good access to commute westward toward Stillwater?Like whatever Southern city you're coming from, I think Tulsa would be similar and mirror OK City in this regard as well...of young people are in a serious relationship(s), but there are significant populations of young adults in our urban areas (the larger churches have sizable singles ministries).Hopefully your work or church relationships (if, in fact, you are church-goer) will provide the outlet to build some solid relationships and blossom into something serious. I've only been in Tulsa a few months but from what I've seen so far you want to be near Cherry Street or Brookside for walkable nightlife. I checked zillow but it was cheaper for me to buy because a decent house in mid-town rents for more than my mortgage.

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