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I was the only woman, and the men around me stared at me.They had at this point been staring at me so long that their bodies had melted away, and they were nothing but lidless eyeballs protruding from bodies of smoke.

She and her best friend Debbie Horsfall tell Zoe Brennan what happened to them on that day and how they narrowly escaped being killed themselves Debbie, the third of four children, has driven the 60 miles from Huddersfield where she works as a receptionist at a tennis centre.

“Once you’ve slept with a man like that,” I confided, “They don’t just walk away.

Well, not if you’ve done it right.”My friends mainly just giggle when I talk this way.

I said this to be shocking, but also because I was so annoyed. Why are we still at this point, anywhere in the world? Women in Tunisia have rights, access to reproductive health, birth control, and condoms are for sale at the pharmacies at the counter.

Wearing the nicab and hijab, the Muslim headscarfs, is a personal choice.

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