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I'm simply a dude who loves MLP and the fandom (Pinkamena especially) and loves to write fics about it.I got started with Sonic fan-fiction, as well as others, but I ended up dropping a lot of them.. I shall keep it on my watch later on my youtube account and see your updates. I was just reading "On cue, the draconequus appeared wearing a red suit before the audience and bowed to them."Thank you, thank you! In a moment, we will bring out today's bachelor who will select from three lovely bachelorettes to go on a date with! Her hobbies include apple bucking, herding, lassoing and helping the orphans of Canterlot. "Discord, I demand you tell us what…""And Bachelorette Number Three has the most impressive résumé! Admit that you want to stop spending your evenings wallowing in loneliness, with no pony to comfort you in the middle of the night! ' The show where ponies, and other creatures, find true love! She's also the Element of Generosity and a stay-at-home older sister. "The floating hands applauded, making the white unicorn blush. Yep, she's a real family gal, had to raise her little sister on her own. Her hobbies include dress making, gem hunting and relaxing at the spa. ""Hay is for horses, and this little hayseed runs her own farm and apple orchard, continuing her family business. His hobbies include baking, cleaning, blindly following demands, getting birthday presents, dancing the conga and fawning over pretty unicorns. "Bachelorette Number One hails from Ponyville, but is quite popular among the Canterlot elite, especially when it comes to fashion! That's pretty good, considering she has no wings.""Hey! This little dragon has a big heart and a love for gems. You have the chance to date one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Equestria! ""I'll be honest here," Applejack answered in her helium voice, "I can't decide between orange and red.""Lavender," Twilight stated with a twinge of annoyance."That's not really Photo Finish back there, is it?

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I'm not really into the hentai dating sims, all of the ones I've played are sfw or have implied sex scenes, if any at all.

"I was just looking for you and why does Rarity sound like me while I was affected by poison joke?

"He snapped his fingers and the wall between the dragon and the mares evaporated.

There is a lot keeping them apart but their love and your help can get them locking lips without interruption.

Can you help these lovers out or will they continue to be frustrated?

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