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“Seeing cum ooze from a man’s arse and knowing he’s taken a load up him is a real turn on.” “It’s more like the sex I have with my long term partner,” adds Ryan, 23 from Birmingham. Also the ejaculations are more relaxed as there’s no condom to remove.” Several guys admit that the taboo of bareback sex makes it more thrilling to watch.“There is something very primitive about bareback sex,” says Jamie, 26 from London.Liam Cole produces bareback porn in Europe for Treasure Island Media (TIM), the US-based gay porn studio that specialises in bareback films.“Bareback gay porn continues to merge back into the mainstream,” he says.“Perhaps it’s because we all know it’s something we shouldn’t be doing.” “It’s the forbidden thing to do, so it’s very exciting,” says Sebastian, 37 from London.

Sometimes interracial porn can be found in these scenes. Babes with hairy pussies and butt holes, anal fucked by black dudes with really big cocks.Recently, the Government announced that it wouldn’t be requiring schools to provide Sex and Relationships, Education (SRE), despite widespread support for the proposal.With sex education off the classroom agenda, many gay teenagers may have no choice but to learn about sex through porn, but is porn helpful or harmful when it comes to learning about sex by watching porn.Featuring thousands of high quality user uploaded porn videos.With their no buffering, no bullshit attitude they are sure not to disappoint.

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