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Specials and coupons will be advertised on the app to encourage more students to use it.

John Albright, the interim associate director of admissions for processing at UGA, said that the implementation of essays to applications resulted in a slight decrease in student applications at UGA, but that UGA doesn’t plan to changes its application process.

Double click on the person and you can scroll through pictures and interests of that person,” Wadhwani said.

“Click the Set Me Up button and a “reco” or recommendation is sent to your mutual friend for them to fill out."Fun questions are used for the recommendations to keep it fun and light-hearted.

But the app does have some fans on campus.“It’s an online version of what girls already do.

Others prefer the value of meeting someone face to face.“I’d rather have the adventure of meeting a girl in person,” freshman Clay Metzger said.The company has 14 investors and has spent around 0,000 in start-up fees.Investor and director of marketing, Francis Cruz, started with the company less than a year ago and said he feels positive about the success of the app.“Yes, I think it will work.Wadhwani also said this application is different from other popular dating apps because Set Me Up is based on social accountability."Two-thirds of relationships start through mutual friends.We took this model offline and put it online,” Wadhwani said.

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